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M.A.K. Music Group
M.A.K. MUSIC is a music label that provides a full range of services. It was founded in 2016 and has since then been expanding its reach, launching divisions in Cyprus and Armenia.
The company's main activities include music distribution, organizing music festivals and concerts, and licensing music for businesses. In 2023, it has launched a new division and is transforming into M.A.K. Music Group, which will include a variety of businesses, including a music label, concert agency, advertising agency, chain of coffee shops, network of dance bars, and hotel complexes.
Stay tuned for more information about the group's plans and upcoming announcements!
The M.A.K. Music label is:
What do you get by signing a contract with us
  • Distribution
    - shipment
    - creating a multilink
    - adding text
    - pitching to editorial playlists
    - collecting rewards
  • Rights management
    - Content tracking
    - removal of pirated content
    - protection of the artist in court
  • Synchronization
    - The possibility of placement in TV series and advertisements
    - The possibility of accommodation in parks and shopping malls
    - The ability to post on blogs
    - The possibility of placement in airline media centers
  • Interaction with radio and TV
    - lobbying tracks on the radio
    - adaptation of tracks for radio
    - lobbying for clips on TV
    - interaction with TV and YouTube shows
  • Advertising campaigns
    - social media targeting
    - pitching to private playlists
    - articles in the media
    - integration into blogs
    - launching challenges
    - crops by groups
    - Determining the artist's positioning from scratch
    - Building a long-term advertising strategy
    - Creation of information guides

  • Concerts
    - sale of concert shows
    - integration into festivals and national concerts
    - corporate events
    - organization of solo concerts
    - full organization of tours in the CIS and Europe
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